Crown Equipment, Inc.

Products and Services

Our team at Crown Equipment Inc. works very hard to make sure we keep our customers greatly satisfied. All our drivers are trained and qualified to do a job well done for you. We will go above and beyond to ensure we take care of you immediately. Our customer’s needs have always been #1 and will always be #1 at Crown Equipment Inc.

Portable Toilets
Our portable toilets are very strong durable toilets for all your residential/construction and oilfield needs. We do regular weekly services in which we scrub and clean each portable toilet entirely. We include urinal blocks, plenty of toilet paper, new chemical and deodorizer to keep your area as clean, sanitary and fresh as possible.

Sky Rise Portable Toilets
Our sky rise units are built for high rise construction projects. They are built to go where other restrooms cannot. They are only 33.5” Wide and 78.2” High, so they are allowed to go through doorways and hallways to be placed where your workers actually need them.

Holding Tanks
We also carry 250 gal holding tanks we can provide for office trailers, job sites etc. There is no glue process we have proper hoses to do the set up to connect to your choice of housing unit. These can also be set up on a weekly dump service or by request only.

Trash Trailers
Our heavy duty trash trailers are equipped to handle up to 2 tons of disposable items. We do request no tires or closed containers or barrels. We dump by your request or on a weekly schedule, whichever works best for you. Our trash trailers are 16’ Long, 6.5’ High X 6’ Wide

Handicap Portable Toilets
We also carry ADA compliant portable restrooms more than 16’ of open interior floor space and also interior handrail support for assisted mobility. These are wheelchair accessible and great for any person who needs more room for comfort.

Combo Trailers
Our combinations units are two portable toilets mounted on a trailer attached with an enclosed trash trailer for your convenient use. The trash trailers on the combos are equipped to handle up to 1.5 tons. Our combo trailers are 14’Long 6.5’ High X 6’ Wide

Handwash Stations
Our hand wash stations have two stations for use. The foot operated pump provides immediate water stream. We keep you stocked with paper towels and plenty of water for your sanitation needs.